Motorcycle Safety Gear

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I am constantly surprised by the attire that I see fellow motorcyclists riding around in. Early on I had a very strong opinion that more protection is better than less. As a longtime bicyclist I was well aware of the results of laying down a bicycle on the road, and these crashes didn’t even involve cars, 350lbs motorcycles, or speeds over 50 MPH. Let me illustrate why I think protection for motorcyclists is highly underrated.

It was the best of times…

bicycling, Road Rash

Here it is, the route I ended up on this weekend:

It was a miserably fantastic ride to the top, the last six miles to the summit felt like 15 miles. On the descent down Bear Creek Road I glanced back for a second, just long enough to slam into a big rock when I turned around , and crashed. I dented the crap out of the front wheel, but everything else is good. (stay tuned for an article on straightening bent bicycle wheels) I only got a little road rash, and a bruised knee and ego. Oh well, that’s the price for speed. I ended the day with a total of 60 miles, and 6,091 feet of climbing.

I was a bit timid coming down the first few technical sections, but once I got onto Deer Creek Road it all came back to me. There’s not much like the experience of flying down a technical descent at the same speed or faster than traffic (~40 MPH). A great ride, and today I feel great, even when I rode into work. Yeah!