It was 20 years ago today…

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Well no quite, maybe more like ten. The last time I swung my leg over a bike for an actual race. This Sunday I plan on running with the bulls in Sacramento. It’s Cyclocross season again and I’ve got that itch again to race. The series here in Sacramento begins this Sunday at Del Paso Park. I’m really looking forward to the pain and suffering… Here’s a few pictures of my old faithful bike.

The value of critiques

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One of the most valuable aspects of a classroom environment, or working as a team, is the peer review and critique process. When each designer uses their personal experience to interpret the subject they bring a potentially unique view or technique to resolve the design problem. Each designer bring solutions that the other designers may not have considered. As a team reviewing these unique solutions each designer can draw on the experience and take away a much broader perspective on design.

Jason and Jaime Laskowski’s Wedding!


IMG_14321432 I was away this weekend at our close friends’ wedding. The people who were there were amazing, I can’t imagine a more wonderful group of people all coming together to celebrate the joining of Jason and Jaime. It was an amazing weekend, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Congratulations to you both!!!