iPhone ChatterBox Cable

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I am presently on a quest to get my gear connected. My iPhone to pump music and phone calls into my helmet, and my ChatterBox HJC-FRS so that I can communicate with other riders and my passenger. I do listen to music on long rides to break up the wind noise, but don’t really plan on making phone calls while driving. (probably just listening in on early morning conference calls) So how am I going to do this? The obvious solution is to use the equipment I already have and modify it to meet the requirements. So here’s the inventory. EDIT: This cable may break your ChatterBox. I have discovered that the Microphone circuit on my ChatterBox no longer transmits! I do not know if it was this cable that did it…

Motorcycle Safety Gear

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I am constantly surprised by the attire that I see fellow motorcyclists riding around in. Early on I had a very strong opinion that more protection is better than less. As a longtime bicyclist I was well aware of the results of laying down a bicycle on the road, and these crashes didn’t even involve cars, 350lbs motorcycles, or speeds over 50 MPH. Let me illustrate why I think protection for motorcyclists is highly underrated.

Product Design Flaws

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It is with a note of sadness that I must report that my perfectly operating Suzuki SV650S on it’s approach to four years of faithful service has started to show signs of weakness. Not mechanical failures per say, but design failures. While they are very reliable motorcycles there are three specific flaws that I have run across with this bike.

Push start a motorcycle


It’s funny how life presents you with obstacles that force you to overcome them. Here’s the curve ball thrown at me a few weeks ago. Through some engineering genious Suzuki decided to put one moe detent on the ignition switch on the SV650s, a park setting. Why whould you ever want to park your bike with the fork locked, and the parking lights on. Everyone knows that modern sportbikes have the absolute minimum sized battery to help trim weight off, leaving a battery with just enough juice to start the bike a few times from a cold engine. So as you might have guessed I accidently went into work with the bike in park mode, leaving my lights on all day. The work day ends, I go out…CRAP! I can see the dim glow of my tailights as I walk towards my SV.