Web design presentation at Taylor Street Elementary

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Today I did a presentation on web design and design process to my daughters’ gate classes. It was an exciting opportunity to offer their classes some insight into the exciting world of design and learning new technologies.

So for any of the kids at Taylor Street Elementary reading this… I enjoyed speaking with you today, and look forward to learning with you again.

MusicTalk.org Owes Us Money

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MusicTalk Inc. Labor Commission Settlement

It is with much regret that it has come to this. It has been almost a year since the California State Labor Commission has awarded my wife a settlement in her case against her former employer MusicTalk Inc. Sarah worked for them for a long time as a paid employee and then the paychecks stopped coming. Bobbie Brown made repeated promises that this would be resolved as soon as she got her funding check.

I think I picked a fight with Fred Showker

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I have participated from time to time on the DT&G forums. Mostly to get feedback on site designs, and to provide suggestions to other designers. I got this flippant comment on my design by somebody named fred. (I didn’t capitalize his name, because he didn’t) I chose to respond, by asking them to back up their claims with examples.

Forget Gasoline…What about Plastic?

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One of the often overlooked problems with our dwindling oil future is plastic. As we continue to burn oil in our engines we are using a valuable resource that could be used for durable plastic goods. When the oil runs out, or becomes extremely rare and expensive, how will we manufacture plastics? We rely heavily on plastics for all our products; electronics, transportation, medical technologies, construction, and housing. There are few things today that do not rely on plastics and polymers.

Motorcycle Safety Gear

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I am constantly surprised by the attire that I see fellow motorcyclists riding around in. Early on I had a very strong opinion that more protection is better than less. As a longtime bicyclist I was well aware of the results of laying down a bicycle on the road, and these crashes didn’t even involve cars, 350lbs motorcycles, or speeds over 50 MPH. Let me illustrate why I think protection for motorcyclists is highly underrated.

American High School Class of 90′ Reunion!


reunion Well folks after 17 years it finally happened, the Class of 90′ got back together again and had an absolute blast! We talked, ate, talked, danced, talked, and stayed up till they started collecting glasses in the bar. 17 years was too long to wait. Right now we are trying to figure out when we going to get together again…3 years, or 5 years. I’d say 3, heck I still have a bunch of people I didn’t get to talk to that night. We are all migrating onto MySpace, so if you were in the class of 90′ join up on MySpace and link up with the rest of the class. Here are some pictures from the evening. Sean Kilbride will also have a lot of pictures up at his site. Email me and I can give you details about how to access those pictures if you are interested.