Thoughts on Adobe …A Parody of Mr. Jobs

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This is a direct parody of Steve Jobs letter about Flash.It is intended to be thought provoking, insightful, and inciting.

Being a Macintosh SE, iPhone, iPad, PowerMac, PowerBook, home built PC, Windows using web, Flash, print developer that has working in the training development, corporate marketing, and software development industries for too long… I couldn’t read Steve’s letter without calling BS. Read this with an open mind and consider the end user, not the corporations. I want Flash, my kids want Flash, why because some developer’s do amazing work on this platform and we should have access to it. Content is king. Enjoy…

WordPress 2.0 iPhone app

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It’s out. I had to read about it in another blog to find out about it. It seems that version 2 isn’t an update to version 1.x… Because I wasn’t alerted that there was a new version.

So far so good. It’s UI has been reworked for better access to features, and there were a number of bug fixes. It allows for comment moderation and there is talk of push notification and commmenting on comments.

Keep up the good work. Owes Us Money

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MusicTalk Inc. Labor Commission Settlement

It is with much regret that it has come to this. It has been almost a year since the California State Labor Commission has awarded my wife a settlement in her case against her former employer MusicTalk Inc. Sarah worked for them for a long time as a paid employee and then the paychecks stopped coming. Bobbie Brown made repeated promises that this would be resolved as soon as she got her funding check.

Wow! I love my iPhone…

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What an amazing tool. The iPhone is such an enabler. I am writing this blog right now from my iPhone. I never would have thought that something like this would be this easy. At this point I can check email, write my blog, keep in touch through IM, social networks, oh and make phone calls.

The one thing I’m learning to appreciate is good design and development. Some of the applications I’m looking at are just not not very well thought out.

The real consideration needs to be me, the end user. What does the customer have to do to accomplish their job? If the developer can’t walk in the user’s shoes more likely than not the product will not do it’s best to aid the user in their task… Doing their job. So does that mean that the developer has not done theirs?

I think this is the challenge that all developers must accept. Their success or failure is in how well the product accomplishes it’s goals. My first goal as a user interface designer is meeting the user where they are, not where I want them to be. Know the task, understand the user, and always strive for the elegant solution.

Silly Lawyer, what are you thinking?

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silly-lawyerAccording to John W. Dozier, Jr., the “Super Lawyer”, viewing his site’s HTML source, as in, “right-click – view page source” is illegal. They are trying to claim that viewing their page source is a copyright violation. Additionally they have an End User License Agreement, EULA prohibiting this behavior, as well as forbidding links to their site.

Now the interesting thing is that the code for the home page, as an example, is really poorly built. They still use tables for layout, and the JavaScript is embedded in the header. Worse still they are an internet law firm.

There are a few things that strike me as ludicrous from a developer’s standpoint.

Everyone can do their part

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Finally an excuse to rant about an environmental issue. Blog Action Day has asked that bloggers around the world call attention to the global issue that affects everyone, the environment. Here’s the details:

Publish a post on their blog which relates to an issue of their own choice pertaining to the environment.

For example: A blog about money might write about how to save around the home by using environmentally friendly ideas. Similarly a blog about politics might examine what weight environmental policy holds in the political arena.

So here’s my take on what designers everywhere can do to help.

Blog Spam

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What is it with all the companies thinking that spamming blogs will get them traffic. Yeah, I’m an idiot and will host your comment with a link to your pharmaceutical, stock market gimmick or pyramid scheme because I don’t moderate my comments at all…

Have they not heard of the almighty delete key!

I just turned on Akismet, let’s see how that does.