Welcome to Apple’s Standards (not ours)

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Apple has this great site they just opened, touting the glories of web standards. Yee-haw I say, a publicly facing, corporate campaign to push web standards and tear down the failures of the past… Oops, I was wrong:

Apple says standards - I say Apple standards

The good news is that you can bypass their stupid JavaScript hack browser detection. Firefox users can install the User Agent Switcher plugin and switch to Safari. Now you can get in. Some of the content works, but Apple cut corners when they developed this so only their standards based browsers will fully work. Other standards based browsers like Firefox, and Opera will only be able to see some of the effects.

This is what we must not conform to. If we want a truly standardized experience on the web, we must not let corporations drive it. Fight corporate skewing of open standards to improve their bottom line. Stop them from dictating the terms of our development platform to serve their ends. We must not let them start the browser wars again. A fractured inaccessible web is not tolerable anymore.

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